Case Results

Case Results

Tower Legal Group is dedicated to defending the rights of the residents of Sacramento in their criminal cases. The Sacramento criminal defense attorneys at the firm have years of experience handling all types of cases. We have had ample experience in having charges reduced or dismissed completely. We have provided some of the recent case results so that you can see examples of what we are able to do. If you have been charged with a DUI, theft crime, sex crime, violent crime, internet crime or any other criminal offense, contact our firm right away. We are skilled at building solid defenses and challenging the allegations against our clients. Our goal is to help reach the best possible end result for each of our clients. Tower Legal Group also offers a free case evaluation so do not hesitate to contact a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your case!


Client charged with DUI for being under the influence of marijuana while driving.  At pre-trial DA would not reduce or dismiss, on eve of trial; full dismissal.


Client was charged with terrorist threats. Pre-trial the DA would not reduce charge, after setting for trial DA reduced to a simple disturbing the peace, fine only.


Client was charged with felony assault with a knife (a strike, up to 4 years in prison).  At jury trial, jury returned 11-1 in favor of not guilty.  Case dismissed.

Multiple Felonies

Client was charged with car jacking, robbery and assault. Because of his record he was facing over 25 years in prison.  After we hired an investigator, we were able to show all the allegations were false and the alleged victim lied.  Entire case dismissed!!!!

Multiple Felonies

Client charged with felony domestic violence, 4 counts, domestic violence, Criminal threats, battery causing injury, persuading a witness and great bodily injury.

Exposure was excess of 12 years in prison, three strikes alleged.

The day before trial, all felonies were dismissed. Client pleaded to misdemeanor and served no jail time.

Multiple Felonies

Client was charged with five serious felonies, including attempted murder, and was facing life in prison.

A week before the trial, the DA dismissed the entire case.


Client was charged with DUI after accident and BAC was .21.

Day of trial DA dismissed entire case.

Multiple Felonies

Client was charged with three felonies, 2 strikes:

  1. Assault causing great bodily injury
  2. Battery causing great bodily injury
  3. Criminal threats

At jury trial, jury returned verdicts of NOT GUILTY on all felony counts.

Multiple Felonies

Client was charged with three felonies:

  1. Assault with Deadly Weapon
  2. Felony Vandalism
  3. Car Theft

Facing minimum of 3 years in prison, max of 12 years because of prior strikes. At preliminary hearing, DA dismissed all felony counts. Client pled to misdemeanor vandalism and received no jail time.

Multiple Felonies

Man charged with four felonies:

  1. Assault with Deadly Weapon (strike offense)
  2. Hit and Run causing injury
  3. DUI causing injury
  4. Hit and Run causing property damage

Facing multiple years in prison and life time CDL suspension. Resolved for misdemeanor hit and run, home detention.

2nd Offense DUI

Second offense DUI where 4 drugs were found in the client’s system. At Jury Trial, the Jury returned verdicts of not guilty on all counts.


Went to jury trial for a hit-and-run DUI. Won the DUI count.


Man was charged with drug sales. At preliminary hearing all charges dismissed.


Man charged with felony DUI causing injury and felony hit and run after he hit multiple cars. Because of his prior strike he was facing minimum of 32 months in state prison. At preliminary hearing, D.A. dismissed all felonies and he pled to misdemeanor DUI for 2 weeks of home detention.


Man arrested for DUI over 0.08%. All charges dismissed.


Man charged with DUI over 0.08%. All charges dismissed.


Woman charged with felony for intimidating a witness. The case was dismissed and all charges were dropped.


Client charged with robbery with a special allegation of using a firearm in the commission of the robbery. They were facing a minimum of 12 years up to 15 years. Before trial the prosecutor offered 7 years. The jury returned with a verdict of not guilty on all charges.

2nd Offense DUI

Client arrested for their 2nd offense DUI. All charges were dismissed, no DMV or criminal consequences.

Wrongful Termination

Man wrongfully terminated from his employment. The case proceeded through Jury Trial for 6 days. The jurors deliberated for less than 4 hours, and returned a verdict in favor of our client for over $144,000+. Our client was overwhelmingly pleased with our dedication and results.


A women was charged with DUI for alcohol and drugs and driving on a suspended. The police reported that she was driving at 0.17% BAC and the D.A. wanted 12 days jail. All charges against her were dismissed.


A man was charged for a DUI and having a BAC level of 0.09%. The judge found him not guilty of having a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08%. He received a fine but was not penalized with any DMV consequences.


Our client was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Through our defense the judge found her not guilty and she simply received a fine, rather than penalties from the DMV.

Hit & Run

Man charged with a misdemeanor hit and run. He was facing the possibility of substantial penalties if convicted. The charges were dismissed and the client pled guilty to an infraction; dealing with only a fine.


A woman was charged with 1st degree burglary home invasion (6 year prison max) and robbery (5 year prison max). Both of these charges are considered serious violent felonies. The charges were resolved for misdemeanor vandalism and a 60 day work project.

Drug Possession

A man was charged with three counts of possession of drugs and possession for sale. If convicted he would face up to five years in a state prison. After prelim, the DA dismissed all sales counts and he pled to misdemeanor possession for a 60 day work project.

Domestic Violence

Client was charged with felony domestic violence. Case completely dismissed.


Man was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon (felony strike). If convicted, he faced up to four years in state prison. Case was dismissed after he completed an anger management class. No fines, no jail no probation.


Woman was charged with felony burglary and because of her record, she was facing 4 yrs in prison. The DA (District Attorney) offer was firm and called for 16 months in prison. After scheduling a jury trial, the DA would still not change their offer. On the eve of trial, the DA contacted Tower Legal Group and wanted to settle for a misdemeanor charge and only 15 days in custody.


Client was arrested for embezzling from her employer. All charges dropped.

Multiple Offenses

Client was charged with felony criminal threats, felony home invasion, misdemeanor vandalism, and misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. Both felony charges and the driving on a suspended license charge were dismissed and he received informal probation for misdemeanor disturbing the peace and vandalism.

Felony Strikes

Man was being investigated for two felony strike cases, criminal threats and residential burglary, both serious felony strikes if convicted. He went to Tower Legal Group for pre-file representation after which point the prosecutor filed charges as a misdemeanor. He eventually pled no contest for trespassing, only paying $220 fine and 12 month informal probation – no jail time.

Multiple DUI

Man charged with DUI who had a prior out of state DUI charge. Mr. Gonzales argued that out of state prior DUIs don’t count in California so the judge agreed and struck the out of state priors and the client pled to a first time DUI. Client was given credit for time served, no DUI class was required and he had to pay minimum fines.


Man charged with DUI. Mr. Gonzales wrote and argued a motion asserting his 6th amendment speedy trial rights. Judge granted motion, case dismissed.

Child Endangerment

Woman charged with Felony Child Endangerment after driving with a high BAC with kids in the car. Maximum exposure 6 years. Mr. Gonzales got it
reduced to a misdemeanor and 45 days in custody.

Felony DUI

Man charged with Felony DUI causing injury, along with 4 other misdemeanor charges, including burglary. Felony was reduced to a misdemeanor and all charges were resolved for 45 days in custody and a 45 day work project.

Resisting & Obstructing

Man charged with resisting and obstructing. After Mr. Gonzales filled motion to suppress for unlawful detention, the DA dismissed the charges.

Driving on a Suspended License

Man charged with driving on a suspended license after the police stopped him for driving too slow. After Mr. Gonzales filed a motion to suppress for unlawful detention, the judge granted motions – case dismissed.

2nd DUI

Woman charged with second time DUI. On the day of jury trial, the DA offered to reduce the charges to wet and reckless. Client received no jail time and minimum fines.

Grand Theft

Man charged with grand theft. Police illegally searched his shed, Mr. Gonzales argued a violation of the 4th Amendment search and seizure and won.
Case dismissed.

Check Fraud

Woman was charged with check fraud and the District attorney brought charges 2 years later against the defendant. Mr. Gonzales argued that the government violated her 6th Amendment right to a speedy trial.
Case dismissed.


Woman was pulled over and charged with DUI after her BAC was 0.09%. Jury returned a not guilty verdict.


Man charged with DUI after he was found sleeping behind the wheel of his car with the engine running. His BAC was 0.22%. After a jury trial, the jury returned not guilty verdicts.

Drug Crimes

Man charged with drug paraphernalia and possession of needles after police searched his belongings. After a jury trial, the jury returned a not guilty verdict.


Woman charged with DUI after her blood was a 0.22% BAC. Plead no contest for no jail time and 3 month DUI school (usually 9 month school).


Woman charged with DUI for driving on her prescription medication. After obtaining experts to show that she was not DUI, the DA dismissed the entire case.


Woman was charged with DUI after a car accident and drugs were found in her system. After setting the case for jury trial, DA dismissed DUI charges.


Man charged with DUI after being pulled over and BAC was 0.09%. Hung jury.

Battery on a Police Officer

Woman charged with battery on a peace officer and resisting. Mr. Gonzales argued excessive force used by the officer. At trial, jury was hung.