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We recently had success in a case in which our client was facing two felony cases. He was at risk for a felony conviction for car theft while receiving stolen property. On top of that, he was facing a conviction for car theft and owning a chop shop. He has 8 counts and 8 bail out enhancements for car theft and owning a chop shop which can add to the penalties for this case. Our client was at risk of a ten year prison sentence for these cases. Originally, he had a public defender in his case but then he approached our firm for help. When being represented by the public defender the best offer presented to him was a prison sentence of 16 months. After teaming up with a
Sacramento criminal defense attorney from our firm, he received a much more favorable result. We were able to get a work project only penalty for our client. He avoided jail and prison time completely and was only given minimum fines and probation as a punishment for his two cases.

Each car theft case is different and the penalties will vary according to the circumstances of the offense along with the criminal history of the defendant. In our client’s case with the previous 8 counts for car theft and owning a chop shop he was at risk for not only 10 years in jail but also a fine of up to $10,000. It is imperative to seek representation if you are facing charges like this to ensure that your rights are fought for. Here at Tower Legal Group we know the defenses to take to reach favorable results for our clients. Whether it is proving a lack of intent, showing owner’s consent, or proving a false accusation we may be able to help you in your theft case. Call our firm today for a free case evaluation!

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