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In the state of California, once you are arrested you are taken into custody. By being taken into custody, this means that you are not free to leave or go home. However, if you are not technically arrested, you could be detained or held for questioning for a short period of time if law enforcement has reason to believe that you have committed a crime. Keep in mind that whether you are actually arrested or detained, you don’t have to answer any questions with the exception of providing your name and your identification.

The criminal process begins when someone accuses another person of committing a crime. Unless an actual police officer personally witnessed the criminal act, then the police will have to commence an investigation before law enforcement can go ahead and arrest the alleged perpetrator and take them into custody. Therefore, if you have been taken into custody for “questioning,” then now is the time to hire a seasoned Sacramento criminal defense attorney to aid in your defense.

In many cases, what you do in the early stages of an investigation can actually prevent formal charges from being filed by a prosecutor in the first place, which can potentially save you from an arrest and a fortune in legal fees. When someone hires an attorney to represent them prior to charges being filed, it is referred to as the pre-file investigation.

It’s rather startling that a number of criminal lawyers don’t offer these critical and valuable services, and tragically this often comes down to money. There are a number of attorneys that will give out the worst possible advice, telling their potential clients to wait until formal charges have been filed before hiring legal representation. Some lawyers dole out this unreliable advice simply because they know that people are more desperate and willing to pay far more in attorneys’ fees once charges have been filed, or because they are inexperienced or incompetent to the extent they are ignorant of just how critical a pre-file investigation is to enhancing the person’s chances of preventing an arrest, and formal charges being filed against them.

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Due to the fact that our firm has had an incredible rate of success with pre-files, we grasp the importance of early intervention and we can’t stress enough how important it is to get involved as early on as possible, especially since we are well aware that the chances of keeping you free of an arrest and going to jail or prison are much greater when we get involved during the investigative stages. As your criminal defense law firm, we measure our success not by how much we collect in legal fees, instead by how many people we keep free of an arrest and free of a conviction.

As far as the prosecutor is concerned, their career hinges on their win to loss ratio, that’s what matters most to District Attorneys and understandably so from their point of view. Since they are concerned about winning, the majority of prosecutors aren’t going to press charges against someone unless they are confident that they have a solid case against them. The prosecutor’s certainty that they have a case is based entirely on the amount of evidence the police has gathered during the pre-file investigation stage.

During this vulnerable stage, the detectives are rather comfortable with dealing with people that aren’t yet represented by a criminal defense lawyer. The average Joe has no idea of what their rights are in the criminal process and since they haven’t been charged with anything yet, they are easily deceived by the detectives’ trickery, and detectives frequently use outright lies to coerce a confession from someone who isn’t properly defended. However, the instant the suspect is represented by an attorney, the detectives change the way they operate.

At Tower Legal Group, your best interests are our top priority. As seasoned litigators that are intimately familiar with California State laws, as well as your Fifth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution, and your rights against an illegal search and seizure, we will act quickly to prepare a strong and compelling defense on your behalf. We will carefully comb through the evidence in an effort to reveal any possible errors, or weaknesses in the case, or any flaws that may minimize the consequences of the investigation, perhaps even preventing formal charges being filed in the first place.

While pre-file representation can apply to virtually any type of case; it is especially common with cases involving white collar crimes, sex offenses, assaults, and various
theft crimes. In some cases we can even go so far as to contact the “alleged” victim and persuade them to see that their accusations are baseless so they don’t even contact the police.

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Detectives can be very threatening and they have a tendency to employ a double standard. While they expect you to “tell the truth” and come out and confess, you would be surprised at the unscrupulous tactics they use to get you to say what they want to hear. If you aren’t technically “in custody,” they don’t even need to read you your rights. Even if they have little factual evidence against you, you could still be bullied into confessing and wind up in prison for years.

False confessions are a widespread problem and they lead to what is called a miscarriage of justice. While the California criminal justice system may be good, it isn’t foolproof. Perfectly innocent men and women get locked away all the time, and you don’t want to be one of them. Once you hire a Sacramento criminal defense attorney, your personal representative can speak on your behalf and you don’t have to say a word. Your lawyer knows the law and your rights, and they know exactly what to say in order to defend you to the fullest.

The single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself is hire a criminal defense lawyer during the early investigative stages. With pre-file investigations, what you don’t know is exactly what can hurt you. Please don’t risk your future by putting your trust in the very institutions that are actively working to convict you.
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