Violent Crimes in Sacramento

Aggressive Defense from an Experienced Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Tower Legal Group we offer skilled criminal defense representation for all of our clients, we handle many different criminal charges, if you have been charged with a violent crime then there are several things you need to know. Various violent crimes may include:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Murder

Assault is essentially inflicting fear of imminent bodily harm to another; this is a difficult situation if you have been charged with this crime as there is generally not a great need for evidence other than the victim’s word in order to warrant an arrest. This means that you could be arrested and charged with assault out of an act of malicious retaliation or for other reasons, by an angry acquaintance of yours. The penalties for conviction of a misdemeanor assault charge may include a probation sentence, up to six months in jail, $1,000 in fines, community service and other programs according to the judge’s discretion.

Sacramento Violent Crimes Attorney Fighting Serious Penalties on Your Behalf

If you are charged with battery then you will face even more serious penalties for conviction. It is vitally important that you retain skilled legal assistance in your case in order to combat these charges. A Sacramento criminal defense attorney from from Tower Legal Group will be able to provide you with the skillful legal assistance that you need on your side.

We have the skill and the experience that you need on your side, we have a long history of success in the cases that we handle and we have many satisfied clients whom we have represented in the past. We will be able to answer your questions regarding your case, discuss your available options with you, advise you of the best legal action for you to take and provide you with skillful and aggressive representation of your case in court if you choose to work with us. Contact a Sacramento criminal lawyer today for skilled legal assistance in your case.