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There are several types of harassment that can occur in the workplace but the most common is Sexual Harassment. There are two categories of sexual harassment: Quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo occurs when an employer demands sexual favors in order to be employed by them. Hostile work environment is when an employer is aware of a hostile and offensive work environment that is based on sex and allows it to continue and affect the employee.

We Help Victims Of Sexual Harassment At Your Work

If you thing you might be a victim of sexual harassment at work, you might be feeling angry, disgusted or even a loss of your self-esteem. At the same time, you also may be anxious about the possibility of losing your job, getting a poor performance review or being demoted. In California, if a manager or the owner of the company engages in sex harassment against an employee under his or her direct supervision, the company may be held strictly liable. And the good news is that your employer cannot retaliate against you because you complained about sexual harassment.

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