Assault Attorney

Tower Legal Group has the California Assault Attorneys to help litigate your case in California Civil Courts.  Assault can happen in many venues, such as workplace assault, sexual assault, school assault, high school assault, college assault, nightclub assault, medical provider assault (doctor office assault) and even landlord tenant assault which occurs in housing assault.

Assault Lawyer in California

The essential elements of a cause of action for assault are: (1) defendant acted with intent to cause harmful or offensive contact, or threatened to touch plaintiff in a harmful or offensive manner; (2) plaintiff reasonably believed she was about o be touched in a harmful or offensive manner or it reasonably appeared to plaintiff that defendant was about to carry out the threat; (3) plaintiff did not consent to defendant’s conduct; (4) plaintiff was harmed; and (5) defendant’s conduct was a substantial factor in causing plaintiff’s harm.”

Generally speaking, an assault is a demonstration of an unlawful intent by one person to inflict immediate injury on the person of another then present.

A civil action for assault is based upon an invasion of the right of a person to live without being put in fear of personal harm.

The tort of assault is complete when the anticipation of harm occurs.

Furthermore, while apprehension of that contact is the basis of assault, mere words, however threatening, will not amount to an assault.

Sexual Assault Attorney

In California, the Civil Code, such as Civil Code 51, make assault unlawful in the workplace and places of business.  Additionally, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits sexual assault in the workplace and housing arrangements.

Physical Assault Attorney

In California, the Civil Code also prohibits physical assault in professional relationships, such as doctor-patient, realtor-client, attorney-client, landlord-tenant, etc, etc.

Tower Legal Group Attorneys are experienced in litigating various Assault claims throughout California.  Contact our attorneys for a no-cost consultation immediately after experiencing assault.