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Tower Legal Group is a Sacramento Employment Attorney Law Firm that is dedicated to representing individuals who have encountered harassment, discrimination and any other illegal activity in the workplace. Unlawful employment practices occur frequently and people suffer from this misconduct every day. Employment law is meant to protect employees from the unfair behavior at work.

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The government aims to protect employees from the possible mistreatment from employers which is why there are laws in place to regulate various standards of benefits and insurance for employees. If you have experienced unfair behavior do not hesitate to call a Sacramento Employment Lawyer from our firm to defend you and your rights.



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The Lawyers at our firm are skilled in combating any of the following employment law issues:


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Not only do we help our clients fight against unlawful behavior that they are experiencing but we are also able to help employees expose evidence of misconduct by their employer. Some of the practice areas that we handle regularly include:

Discrimination – There are strict discrimination laws in California and employers must abide by all of them. The law does not tolerate any type of discrimination at work whether it is because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other type of discrimination. If you have suffered from any type of discrimination get in contact with Tower Legal Group for representation.

Harassment – There are several types of harassment that can occur in the workplace but the most common is sexual harassment. There are two categories of sexual harassment: Quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo occurs when an employer demands sexual favors in order to be employed by them. Hostile work environment is when an employer is aware of a hostile and offensive work environment that is based on sex and allows it to continue and affect the employee.

Retaliation –Employers are not allowed to retaliate against their employees if they choose to complain or expose misconduct in the workplace. All too often employers violate these laws and punish employees who report them. Retaliation can be done by cutting wages, demoting an employee or wrongful termination. If you have been unlawfully retaliated against in the workplace a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer may be able to help.

Wrongful Termination –This happens when an employee is fired for reasons other than their work actions. Examples would be being fired because of their race, sex, pregnancy or medical condition. Wrongful termination can also occur when a person reports an illegal activity against the employer and they retaliate by terminating their job. You may be able to receive compensation for a wrongful termination and recover the lost wages and benefits.

Whistleblowing –A whistleblower is an employee who chooses to expose unlawful behavior taking place in their workplace. This person is protected under the law and the employer cannot legally retaliate against this protected action. If the whistleblower does experience an adverse employment action they may be able to recover damages.


If you have suffered from any type of misconduct or have witnessed unlawful behavior you can take action. Seek assistance from a Sacramento Employment Lawyer from Tower Legal Group and see how we may be to help you.  For a Free Case Evaluation, use on Secure Online Contact Form (see below.)